How much you pay to install a fence depends on several factors. The material you use and the height of the fence are the major factors that determine how much you will pay to install a fence. The most common fence materials are wood, metal, and vinyl.

You can expect to pay $1800 to $5,700 for an average 6-foot fence depending on the type of material you use. On average, it will cost you $20-$50 per linear foot for both materials and installation.

Many factors determine how much you will pay for a fence installation. You need to consider them all to help you decide what kind of fence to install.

6 Foot Privacy Fence 2021 Price Guide Wood, Metal & Vinyl

Factors That Influence The Cost Of Installing A 6 Foot Privacy Fence

Material Used

There are many types of fence material that price differences can use. Wood is one of the most common fence materials used. Its attractiveness, durability, and strength are some of the reasons why it is preferred.

Vinyl another common fence material is attractive, long-lasting, and low maintenance. Vinyl fencing costs more to install than wood fencing. You can buy vinyl fencing from any home improvement store. You can decide to install it by yourself or get a pro to do it for you.

There are different types of metal fencing materials you can use. You can install a metal chain link fence, aluminum, or corrugated steel, and many more. Cost varies depending on the metal you choose. Metal is long-lasting and strong. You have to take care of it to ensure it doesn’t rust.

Height Of The Fence

The price of fence materials is charged per foot of the material. Thus, the longer or higher the fence you need the more you will pay. A six-foot privacy fence is cheaper to install than an eight-foot fence.

Vinyl and metal cost more per foot compared to wood. A wood fence at any height is cheaper to install than any other fence.

You will need a higher fence around your home than when you are fencing a ranch.

DIY or Pro

If you have the skills, tools, and time to install a fence around your home, do it. You could easily reduce the cost by up to $1500. You can buy the tools you need affordably from a home improvement store. One disadvantage of DIY fence installation is the cost of hiring tools. It will significantly increase your DIY cost.

You can get a pro to install the fence for you. The tool is easy to use. Enter your zip code and fill in the form to give details about your fencing project. Details include the size of the land and the type of fence preferred.

You will then receive three quotes and advice with no obligation to hire. You can then compare the quotes and pick one of the contractors to install a fence for you.

Any mistakes you make if you DIY your fence installation will cost you to repair. When you hire a pro, they will provide a guarantee and can repair mistakes for free. Pros are also insured against any accidents that may take place during the installation.

The Size Of The Property

Fencing costs increase with the size of the land. It costs more to fence an acre of land than it does to fence a ¼ acre plot where your house is built.

You will need more materials to fence more land. This will increase the cost of materials, time taken and labor to install the fence.

The Location Of The Property

Depending on where you live, you may need a permit to install a fence on your property. If this is the case, you have to pay for the permit. This will increase the cost of fence installation.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Wood 6 Foot Privacy Fence

A 6-foot wood privacy fence will cost from $3000 up to $6,000 to install. It is taller than an ordinary fence and has more features to offer enhanced privacy and security.

It will cost more based on the size of the property and the number of gates you install in your privacy fence. The design of the gates can also increase the price of the fence significantly. Most times, when you install a fence you will need a gate.

The price of your wood 6-foot privacy fence depends on the type of wood used to make the fence. Different types of wood have different prices based on their availability, strength, and durability.

The cost per foot of a 6-foot privacy fence ranges from $14 to $30. Materials costs will range from $6 to $15 per foot, while labor costs will range from $7 to $15 per foot to install.

On average, you can expect to pay $4000 to install a 6-foot privacy fence in a ¼ acre plot. This will depend on the type of wood you choose for your fence and the design. High-quality wood will be more expensive than low-quality wood.

The wood used to install a privacy fence is available in different designs such as dog ears, gothic and straight.

Cost And Type Of Wood You Can Use For Your 6 Foot Privacy Fence

Type Of WoodCost
Western Red Cedar$8-$15
White Oak$15-$60


Pinewood is on the lower end of the price spectrum of a wood privacy fence. It costs $4 to $7 per foot to purchase pressure-treated pine for your fence. Treated pine will not rot or decay and will repel pests. Many buy it for its low price.


You can expect to pay $4 to $8 per foot of wood cedar for your privacy fence. It doesn’t have to be pressure treated as it naturally repels insects and pests, and rot and decay.

A cedar privacy fence is durable and will last up to 20 years.


A Cypress fence is a high-quality wood fence. It costs from $8 per foot. It is durable and naturally pest repellent.

Western Red Cedar

It is a popular fence wood for its natural red hue. It costs $6 to $15 per foot. It lasts up to 25 years with little maintenance.

White Oak

White Oak is on the high end of the privacy fence price spectrum. You can expect to pay $15 to $60 per foot to make your privacy fence.

Advantages Of Installing Wood Fence For Your Privacy Fence

Attractive. A wood fence provides your yard with more than just privacy and security. It helps to boost its appearance. If you use natural wood such as western red cedar, you don’t need to paint your fence.

Affordable. Compared to other materials such as vinyl and metal, a wood privacy fence is more affordable. You will not spend as much money to purchase materials and install the wood fence.

Durable. A wood fence can easily last for up to 20 years with proper care and maintenance.

Advantages Of Installing Wood Fence For Your Privacy Fence

Disadvantages Of Installing Wood Fence For Your Privacy Fence

Rot and decay. Depending on the type of wood you choose, your wood fence may rot, decay and weaken before its estimated lifetime. When buying a wood fence, make sure you know the type of wood it is. If it is not naturally pest repellant, have it pressure treated before installing it as a fence.

A wood fence requires lots of maintenance. You have to inspect and repair cracks, rot, and decay. You must ensure that water doesn’t pool at the bottom of the fence or it will lead to decay. You also need to keep plants and pets away from a wood fence.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Metal 6 Foot Privacy Fence

Aluminum is used to make most metal 6-foot privacy fences. It is the most preferred metal fence material since it doesn’t rust and is easy to maintain.

It costs $3000 to $8000 to install a metal 6-foot privacy fence costs. The final price you will pay depends on the type of metal you use and the design of your privacy fence.

Depending on the type of metal material you choose, you can expect to pay $17 to $90 per foot for materials only. You can expect to pay the cost of labor at $15 to $40 per foot.

Types And Cost Of Metal Material To Make Your 6 Foot Privacy Fence

Type Of Metal MaterialsCost
Black Aluminum panels$60
Ornamental Aluminum$15-40 per foot
Powder-coated Aluminum panels$50-$70
Corrugated Metal Panels$10 per panel
Wrought iron$2,500-$8,000
Steel (Corten, Palisade, Corrugated)$10-50 per panel


There are several types of aluminum that you can use as your fencing material. Each of these aluminum sheets has different prices. Thus, the price of installing a privacy fence varies depending on the type of aluminum you choose.

Black aluminum fencing panels in the size of 4 by 6 feet cost $60 per panel. They are easy to install, attractive, and long-lasting.

Ornamental aluminum costs $15 to $40 per foot. It is strong and available in a range of designs.

Powder-coated aluminum fencing panels cost between $50 and $70. The powder coating protects the aluminum fence from the effects of the weather.

Corrugated Metal

Corrugated metal is a popular metal fencing material. It is strong, attractive, and rust-resistant. Corrugated metal is available in different materials and costs about $10 per panel.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron is also used as fencing material. It is significantly expensive than all other mentioned metal materials you can use for fencing. You can expect to pay from $2500 to $8000 for a wrought iron fence for your home. A wrought iron fence lasts over 100 years with little maintenance.


You can also use steel to make a metal privacy fence. A steel fence will cost you $3000 to $3500 to install.

Steel is available in panels that are welded together to make your fence. It is strong and durable. It is also more expensive than aluminum. Steel doesn’t dent, thus providing you with the ultimate security and privacy.

Corten steel, steel palisade, and corrugated steel are cheaper steel fencing alloys. They are available for $10 to $50 per panel.

Compared to wood metal privacy fences are stronger and longer-lasting. They also require little maintenance and are available in different designs.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Vinyl 6 Foot Privacy Fence

Vinyl MaterialCost
White Vinyl$15-$30
Wood Grain Vinyl$40
Black vinyl$60

A vinyl 6-foot privacy fence costs $3100 to $5,500 for the average yard. You can expect to pay $28 per foot for materials and $7 per foot for labor costs.

Vinyl is a strong fencing material. It is available in many colors and styles which determine the final cost of your vinyl privacy fence installation.

PVC Fence Style And Cost

White Vinyl

A white vinyl fence is the most common vinyl fence installed by many households. Its high demand pushes the price down. You can expect to pay $15 to $30 per foot

Wood Grain Vinyl Fence

The cost of materials and installation of wood grain vinyl fence is $40 per linear foot. A wood grain vinyl fence is more expensive than a white vinyl fence The texture provided by the wood grain causes the price difference.

Black Vinyl Cost

A black vinyl fence is more expensive than a white and wood grain vinyl fence. It costs up to $60 per foot. You can buy an 8-foot black vinyl panel at $ 365 and the white vinyl at $93.

The black vinyl fence material is not used by as many people as the other two types. This could be the reason why it is so expensive.

Advantages Of Installing A Vinyl Fence

The vinyl fence is durable. It lasts longer than a wood fence. Since it is made from PVC plastic, your fence will not rot or decay after a while. Vinyl fences last longer than wood fences. This saves you both money and time as it will take a long time before you replace your fence.

A vinyl fence requires little to no maintenance. Vinyl fences retain their luster for life. They don’t need to be cleaned and repaired as wood fences do. Additionally, you will not find termites on your vinyl fence.

A vinyl fence also doesn’t catch fire easily. It can limit the spread of fire if ever a fire reached your house. It burns slowly and rarely bursts into flames.

Advantages Of Installing A Vinyl Fence

Disadvantages Of Installing A Vinyl Privacy Fence

Compared to a wood fence, you will have to spend much more to install your privacy fence.

Further, once your fence is old and as a result of the many years under the sun and extreme weather, it loses its attractiveness and you have to replace it.

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