Black chain link fences are made by fusing vinyl with wire mesh to enhance their strength and durability and aesthetic appeal. It also makes it waterproof and corrosion-proof. As a result, black chain link fences are more expensive than ordinary chain link fences.

Black chain link fences cost $9 to $40 per foot to install, depending on the height of the fence. Other factors like mesh gauge and hole size also contribute to cost.

Below is a list of prices by fence height and length.

Black Chain Link Fence Cost

4 ft black chain link fence cost

A 4 ft black chain link fence will cost an average of $2,450 to install on a 1/4 acre lot (average yard size in the USA). That works out to be $11.70 per linear foot.

The cost can range higher depending on the current price of steel and the city you live in. Fence installers tend to charge more in cities with a higher average cost of living.

5 ft black chain link fence cost

A 5ft black chain link fence will cost an average of $3,120 to install on an average year. That works out to be $14.90 per linear foot. The cost per linear foot increases with the extra foot of material to make the fence.

6 ft black chain link fence cost

A 6 ft black chain link fence will cost an average of $17.50 per linear foot. For a 1/2 acre property that works out to be $7,315. Most people, however, will be installing this fence on smaller black sizes so the overall cost will be less.

Because the post holes need to be deeper and the taller the fence, as well as more cement used to fill the hole, the average cost goes up the taller the fence is.

Black chain link fence cost per acre

To fence a 1 acre with a chain link will cost you $14,630. Because the space between fence posts is normally 8 feet, you will need a total of 104 fence posts.

The number of gates you add to the fence will also increase the price.

Below is a table showing the cost of a black chain link fence for different property sizes.

 Fence heightNumber of postsLinear ft.Cost
1/4 Acre4 ft26209$2,450
1/2 Acre4 ft52418$4,890
1 Acre4 ft104836$9,781
2 Acre4 ft2081,672$19,562
1/4 Acre6 ft26209$3,657
1/2 Acre6 ft52418$7,315
1 Acre6 ft104836$14,630
2 Acre6 ft1081,672$29,260

Factors that affect the cost of black chain link fence

Chain link wire gauge

Chain link fences are rated with a gauge number. The thinnest chain link wires have higher gauge numbers. Thicker chain link wires have small gauge ratings.

When choosing a chain link fence, pick a thick wire or one with a lower gauge number. It is stronger and more durable.

A 9 gauge chain link is the most used for fencing. It is suitable for both residential and industrial fencing. You can also buy an 11 gauge black chain link fence.

The thicker the wire the more expensive it is to purchase and install.

Condition of the land

The condition of the land may increase the cost of black chain link fence installation.

If your land is sloping and needs grading, you will pay more. If your land is well prepared for fencing, installation is fast and less expensive.

If you hire a pro to install the fence for you, ensure that you carry out some tasks such as land grading yourself. It will help you reduce the cost of labor.

Additionally, the terrain of your land also determines how much you will pay for fence installation. If your land is inaccessible and with lots of trees on the fencing path, it will cost you more.

Mesh hole size

The smaller the holes on the chain link the stronger it is. And, the more you pay.

Chain Link fence with a 2 by 2 diamond size is the most common for residential fencing. Black chain link fences with small mesh hole sizes have both the strength of the wire and the vinyl layer on top

Therefore, the stronger the fence, the more it costs.

Types of black chain link fence

Class 1 extruded

The vinyl coating is only placed on the chain link. Therefore, the coating can easily fall from the wire and leave it exposed. As a result, it is the cheapest black chain link fence.

Class 2A extruded and bonded

Rather than a glove vinyl cover on the chain link, the vinyl is glued to the wire. Therefore, it will last longer on the wire and provide better coverage.

Class 2B thermally bonded

The vinyl in this black chain link fence is chemically bonded to the wire. It means that the vinyl can protect the wire for longer.

Pros of black chain link fence

  • Enhanced aesthetics. It is available in a range of colors.
  • Corrosion resistant. The vinyl cover ensures that the chain link fence does not rust or lose its tension.
  • Durability. Without corrosion, the black chain link fence easily completes its lifetime with little maintenance.
  • Little maintenance required. Regular cleaning with a hose spray removes any dirt particles on the fence.
  • Easy to install.

Cons of black chain link fence

  • It is expensive to purchase and install, which is why most homeowners prefer other fencing options.

How long does a chain link fence last?

Chain link fences can last up to 20 years. However, you need to inspect for weakness and carry out the necessary repair and maintenance regularly.

Chain link fences sag and shrink over time. It is a result of the wire losing its tension the longer it is exposed to varying weather conditions.

Without corrosion or sagging, a black chain link fence can last 5 to 10 years longer than normal chain link fences.

It will only require regular maintenance and repair where necessary to enhance its durability.

How Long Does A Chain Link Fence Last

How far apart should fence posts be?

Chain link fence posts should be placed 8 feet apart. It keeps the fence tight and stable. The posts should be 15-30 feet apart if you use high tensile wire.

So for a 1-acre property you will need 104 fence posts

The more posts you use, the more stable your fence is. It also ensures more security as it will be harder to uproot or break the fence from a hit.

The more posts you use, the more you pay for fence installation.

How to save money on your fencing project

  • Consider the price of the fencing materials you want to use. If they are too expensive, you can use cheaper alternatives.
  • Do not buy more materials than you need. Measure your land and calculate how much material you need before purchasing. You can consult a pro for correct measurements.
  • Choose an affordable style for your fence.
  • DIY where possible. If the fence is difficult to install, prepare the land in advance to reduce how much pros will charge.
  • Conduct a market survey and get prices from at least three fence installation companies.

Is it cheaper to DIY or hire a pro to install a fence

With the right skills and tools available, DIY fence installation helps you save money.

However, if you do not have the tools, you can buy them or hire them. If you choose to hire the tools, the costs of DIY installation may go too high. The longer you hire the tools, the more you pay.

Additionally, without the right skills, you may make mistakes at installation that weaken your fence. You will have to contact a professional and pay to have it repaired. It will also increase the installation cost.

Therefore, it is better, cheaper, and easier to hire a pro for fence installation. Mistakes made will be rectified at no cost to you and they already have all the required right tools.

Is It Cheaper To DIY Or Hire A Pro To Install A Fence

What is the impact of a black chain link fence on your property?

Installing a fence increases the value of your property. A chain link fence, while being cheaper than other types of fences increases the value of your property.

Additionally, black chain link fences are available in a range of colors. Installing it can enhance the appeal and appearance of your property.

If you have pets, the black chain link keeps them from leaving your property. Also, since it is covered with a smooth vinyl layer, it will not harm them when they brush against it.

Hire a pro to install your fence is a free tool to hire professional black chain link fence installation services.

It connects homeowners to professionals in the following easy steps.

  1. Enter your zip code at the top of the tool.
  2. Fill in the form to provide more details about the fence installation service you need.
  3. You will receive three or four quotes and advice from professional fence installers.
  4. Contact and hire a service provider that falls within your budget.
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