Chain link is a common fence material for both residential and agricultural land. How much does it cost to install a chain link fence?

The average cost of installing a chain link fence costs $10 – $20 per foot. Depending on the material of the chain link wire, you are likely to pay up to a maximum of $40 per foot for installation.

Let us look into the types of chain link fences available and other factors affecting their installation costs.

Galvanized chain link fences

The galvanized chain link fence has a lifespan of up to 12 years. It does not rust and is maintenance-free. Therefore, it is often used for residential fencing. Additionally, it is affordable to purchase and install.

It costs $5 to $15 per foot to install a galvanized chain link fence, labor included. The actual cost depends on the height of the fence. Higher fences will to cost more to install.

Galvanized chain link fences


They are also known as cyclone chain link fences. It will cost you $8 – $40 per linear foot to install hurricane chain link fences.

They are similar to galvanized chain link fences. A significant difference is in the type of posts that they are installed on. The posts are sturdier and can withstand varying weather conditions, especially strong winds.

Hurricane chain link fences are installed in regions that experience hurricanes and strong winds.


Vinyl covered chain link fence

A vinyl-covered chain link fence is suitable for humid regions. The vinyl protects the chain link wire from humidity in the air to ensure it does not corrode. Therefore, making it a long-lasting chain link fence.

It costs $15 to $40 per foot to install vinyl covered chain link fences. It is stylish, has an appealing appearance, and is available in a range of colors.

Vinyl covered chain link fence

Stainless steel chain link fence

A stainless steel chain link fence is harsh weather-resistant and does not rust. It has a long lifespan and strength since it does not sag or break. Ensuring that it maintains its shape for a long time.

It costs $10 – $20 per foot to install a stainless steel chain link fence. The exact cost may vary depending on the height of the fence.

Stainless steel chain link fence

What is the cheapest fence to install

Wire fences are the cheapest fences to install. It includes barbed wire and chain link fence.

The most expensive fences to install are concrete, aluminum, and wrought iron fences.

Fence materialCost per foot
Wire$1 - $6
Chain link $12 - $30
Wood$15 - $30
Vinyl$18 - $39
Composite fence$25 - $57
Aluminum$28 - $55
Wrought iron fence$28 - $55

How long does a chain link fence last

Chain link fences can last up to 20 years. However, you need to inspect for weakness and carry out the necessary repair and maintenance regularly.

Chain link fences sag and shrink over time. It is a result of the wire losing its tension the longer it is exposed to varying weather conditions.

Therefore, regular maintenance and repair are essential to enhance durability. It costs up to $500 to repair a sagging chain link fence.

Factors that determine the cost of a chain link fence

Chain link wire gauge

Chain link wire sizes are gauged. The larger the gauge number the thinner the chain link wire fence.

The thicker chain link is better. It has more strength and lasts longer. The thin wire is easy to cut and rusts easily.

The most common chain link fence is a 9 gauge which costs $2 – $10 per foot. You can also purchase a 2 gauge which is the thickest and costs $4 – $20 per linear foot. The 11.5 gauge which is the thinnest costs $1.5 – $7 per foot.

Fence height

The higher the chain link fence, the more it costs to install.

Fence height Cost
4ft$8 - $20
5ft$9 - $22
6ft$10 - $29
8ft$12 - $34
10ft$17 - $40

Permit requirements

Depending on where you live, you may need a permit to install a fence. Consult a professional installer or check with your local government office if you need a permit for fence installation.

Permits cost $25 to $500 in regions where they are required. The cost of a permit varies from region to region. It goes to increase the cost of fence installation.

Hire a pro or DIY

The cost of labor when installing a chain link fence influences how much your fencing project costs you. The more you pay for the labor the more expensive it is to install the fence.

You can save on your labor costs by hiring affordable installers. Ensure to get at least three quotes from reliable installers before hiring.

You can also save on labor costs if you DIY your installation. It is likely to take up a lot of your time if you install the fence by yourself and your family.

Without the right tools, DIY is likely to get more expensive as you have to hire them. The longer you take to complete the installation, the more you pay for the tools.

Posts, gates, and privacy

In addition to the chain link wire, you also need posts, gates, and privacy slats. The more additional parts you need to complete, the higher the cost of installation.

Chain link installation posts cost $30 each. The more posts you need, the higher the installation costs. Depending on your spacing, you may use up to 110 posts or more to fence an acre of land.

If you add a gate to your face, it will increase the cost of installation. Depending on the type of gate you install, you will pay $100 to $2,000.

If you want to enhance privacy when using chain link fences, you can install privacy slats. They cost $10 – $20 per foot to install.

Therefore, the cost of chain link fence installation increases if you add gates, privacy slats, and the number of posts you use.

How to take care of your chain link fence

  • Clean the fence regularly. It is easy to clean a chain link fence. Spray it with a garden hose to remove any dirt holding on to the wires.
  • Apply rust protection sealant. It should be done every year. Ensure that your chain link fence is protected to keep the fence strong and durable.
  • Do not climb or hop the fence. It weakens the prices and increases medical training in hospitals.
  • Grease any moving parts regularly. The gate hinges and other parts must be greased regularly to avoid squeaky gates and open gates.
  • Do not let animals brush up against it. Do not hit it.

How far apart should fence posts be

When installing a chain link fence, space the posts 8-12 feet apart. High tensile fences can have their posts farther apart. High tensile barbed wire can have a post 15-30 feet apart.

The more posts you use, the sturdier and the more secure your fence is. It also reduces the need for maintenance as more posts provide more support for the chain link wire.

However, more posts lead to higher installation costs.

How to save money on your fencing project

  • Choose affordable fencing materials.
  • Make accurate estimates on the size of the land to purchase the right amount of fence materials.
  • Choose a moderate style on your fence. The more elegant the fence, the more expensive it is.
  • DIY fence installation.
  • Hire affordable professionals to install your fence.
  • Carry out some tasks by yourself to save on the amount of money you pay to professional installers.
  • Get at least three quotes from professional fence installers near you before you hire one within your budget.

Is it cheaper to DIY or hire a pro to install a fence

Depending on the type of fence you want to install, DIY is always the cheaper option.

You can opt for DIY to save on costs. However, if you do not have the skills to install a fence, it is better to hire a pro.

You are likely to make errors at installation. Errors may cause you to hire a pro to repair.

A common error would be wrong spacing between posts which causes you to need extra posts. When posts are too far apart, your fence may sag or not fit on your land.

While it may be expensive to hire a pro, your fence is installed faster and correctly. You may not have to suffer a loss if there is an installation error.

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