As one of the most cost-friendly fencing options, chain link fences are among the top choices for property owners. They come in different heights depending on your specific needs.

Installing a 6 ft chain link fence costs between $5.25 to $5.40 on average. The type of material used, your location, and installation time can affect the final cost of installing the fence.

Chain link fences are also referred to as cyclone, hurricane, diamond, or wire mesh fences. They are ideal for keeping your home or property safe without completely covering it. Chain link fences can be installed for front and backyards.

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The average cost to install an average chain link fence can fall between $10 to $20 per linear foot. Other high-end variations are also available, which can cost you up to a maximum of $40 per linear foot.

However, chain link fences can come in different heights. With that, their costs for material, labor, and installation can also differ.

Below are some of the average installation costs per linear foot, depending on the height of your chain link fence.

Height of chain link fence Installation cost per linear foot
3-feet chain link fence$12.25 - $23
4-feet chain link fence$13.15 - $23.50
5-feet chain link fence$13.80 - $24.10
6-feet chain link fence$15.25 - $25.40
8-feet chain link fence$16.25 - $26.55
10-feet chain link fence$17.85 - $28.25
12-feet chain link fence$19.50 - $30

Chain link fence material cost per linear foot

There are a lot of factors that can affect the cost of installing a chain link fence on your property. One of them is the amount you spend on your materials.

Depending on the quality and added features that you want, the price can vary. For your reference.

Below are some of the average cost ranges per linear foot for the expenses in purchasing the material. The average ranges below are also sorted depending on the height of the fence.

Height of chain link fence Material cost per linear foot
3-feet chain link fence$2.25 - $3
4-feet chain link fence$3.15 - $3.50
5-feet chain link fence$3.80 - $4.10
6-feet chain link fence$5.25 - $5.40
8-feet chain link fence$6.25 - $6.55
10-feet chain link fence$7.85 - $8.25
12-feet chain link fence$9.50 - $10

Labor cost to install a chain link fence

The table below displays the chain link fence average cost per hour and the cost to install per linear foot.