Chain link fences are one of the cheapest and easiest fences to install on a property. To get the job done, you can either hire a professional or do it by yourself, with both options being fairly economic.

Chain link fences come in different sizes and heights. If you want to install an 8-ft chain link fence, you can expect to spend between the average cost range of $16.25 to $26.55 per linear foot.

The cost to install a chain link fence can depend on the height of the fence, the material, and other costs that can be incurred during the installation. To know which height is best, you should first know what is best for your property.

8 ft. chain link fence cost per linear ft average infographic

One of the factors that affect the cost of installing a chain link fence is the expenses for the materials.

Below are some of the average cost ranges for the material cost per linear foot, depending on the height of the fence:

Height of chain link fence Material cost per linear foot
3-feet chain link fence$2.25 - $3
4-feet chain link fence$3.15 - $3.50
5-feet chain link fence$3.80 - $4.10
6-feet chain link fence$5.25 - $5.40
8-feet chain link fence$6.25 - $6.55
10-feet chain link fence$7.85 - $8.25
12-feet chain link fence$9.50 - $10

6ft. Chain link fence installation cost per linear foot

Based on what you need for the property or home where you want to install your fence, the height of your fence can vary.

Along with the different heights of chain link fences, their material cost, labor cost, and the overall cost can also vary.

With that, it is important to be aware of the different installation costs per linear foot, depending on the height of your fence.

Height of chain link fence Installation cost per linear foot
3-feet chain link fence$12.25 - $23
4-feet chain link fence$13.15 - $23.50
5-feet chain link fence$13.80 - $24.10
6-feet chain link fence$15.25 - $25.40
8-feet chain link fence$16.25 - $26.55
10-feet chain link fence$17.85 - $28.25
12-feet chain link fence$19.50 - $30

What are the factors that determine the cost of a chain link fence?

Fence height

Normally, the higher your chain link fence will stand, the higher the cost since it has to account for the fence posts, the project’s complexity, the materials, and the labor cost.

Height of the fenceAverage fence cost
4-feet chain link fence$8 - $20
5-feet chain link fence$9 - $22
6-feet chain link fence$10 - $29
8-feet chain link fence$12 - $34
10-feet chain link fence$17 - $40

Chain link wire gauge

The strength and tensile of a chain link fence depend on the gauge of the wire. The bigger the gauge number, the thinner the chain will be.

Normally, using a thick wire for a chain link fence is better since it is stronger and can stand longer. For thinner wires, the fence can be cut or develop rust easily.

Commonly, chain link fences come in 9-gauge wires which would normally cost between $2 to $10 per foot.

Other variants such as a 2-gauge wire can cost $4 to $20 per linear foot, and 11.5-gauge wires can cost you around $1.5 to $7 per linear foot.

Permits and other requirements

Based on the location where you live, you may need to secure a permit before you can install a fence.

Before you install a chain link fence on your property, you might want to consult a professional or call your local authorities to know if there are any permits that you need to acquire.

Normally, property owners can expect to spend somewhere between $25 to $500, depending on their region or their location.

The cost to have a permit can vary from one location to another.

What to consider in choosing the height of your fence?

1. Security and privacy

Depending on your required or preferred level of both security and privacy, the height of your chain link fence can also vary.

Although chain link fences do not necessarily provide a high level of privacy, choosing a taller height of a fence can improve the security of your fence.

As a common rule of thumb, the higher the fence, the more security it provides. Most homeowners can rely on a privacy fence that is at least 6-feet high.

2. Your budget

Apart from your preferred level of security and privacy, your budget can define how high you can get your fence to stand.

Typically, 4-foot chain link fences cost less compared to 8-foot fences. If you want to strike a middle ground between those two options, you can settle with a 6-foot fence.

Although chain link fences are generally more affordable compared to other types of fences, their cost can mostly depend on their gauge. The fence gauge defines how thick the wire of your fence is.

3. Pets and animals

If you keep pets and animals on your property, you should take them into account when choosing the height of your fence.

By being certain about the height, you can rest assured that your companions are provided with enough security that they need while still having the space to run around freely.

If you have small dogs or small animals, a 4-foot fence can be sufficient for your needs. However, for large dogs or animals, you would need a much taller fence.

Additionally, you should also be sure that your pets are safe from the chain link fence. Make sure that they will not be stuck or caught in between the gaps of the fence.

4. Permits and regulations to follow

Typically, regulations and laws concerning fences on properties can depend on the place where the property is situated.

For instance, some regulations impose a strict limit on how high you can build a fence.

Before you install a chain link fence on your property, you should first find out your location’s laws and regulations and make sure that you get the necessary permits and go signals.

Hiring a professional versus DIY

Fortunately, chain link fences are relatively easy to install without the help of a professional. If you are someone with adequate DIY experience, you might find the task of installing a chain link fence doable.

By doing it yourself, you can save yourself a huge amount of money by avoiding labor costs. You’ll just have to buy the materials yourself and do the hard labor by yourself.

However, be prepared for some complications or troubles especially when your property has elevated terrain or is rocky as this might cause difficulty in installing your fence.

While DIY projects can save you a lot of money, there can still be factors that you have to consider to know if it is better to seek the professional services of contractors.

Popular uses of chain link fence

1. Security

Unlike other materials that can cover your view from the outside world, chain link fences can provide you visibility. With this, you can still see the front of your property for security.

If you want to increase the security that chain link fences can provide, you can attach a barbed wire to your chain link fence.

2. Privacy

While chain link fences are known for the visibility that they can offer, this feature can be overridden with the use of vinyl slats or privacy mesh.

With the use of privacy meshes or vinyl slats, you can improve not just the privacy of your chain link fences, but also the security that they can provide.

3. Pet and animal safety

If you want to create a secure and safe perimeter for your pets or animals, choosing a chain link for a fencing option is a good choice.

With a chain link fence, pets and animals can have the outdoor time that they need that’s safe for them and reliable enough for you.

4. Perimeter fence

A chain link fence is an effective way to easily mark the boundaries of your property.

If you are a business owner or a property owner who wants to control access to certain areas, chain link fences can help you assert borders more without completely blocking them.

How long does a chain link fence last?

As a rule of thumb, chain link fences can last up to 20 years. However, experts advise that you regularly inspect your chain link fence for any needed repairs or continuing maintenance.

Normally, chain link fences will shrink, sag, and can potentially rust over time. This is because the wire can lose its tension. Additionally, weather conditions can also cause rusting to the fence.

With that, regular repair and maintenance are necessary to enhance the durability and longevity of your chain link fence. Most homeowners can spend about $500 to repair a sagging fence.

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