Concrete fences are stable and durable. How much it will cost you to install a concrete fence is determined by many factors.

It costs $35 to $40 per linear foot to install a concrete fence. The style and height will determine how much you will pay for the installation of the fence.

Concrete fences require no maintenance once installed. They can withstand changes in weather without any change occurring in them. They can last up to 100 years since it takes a lot of effort to bring them down. The high cost of installation prevents most people from installing it.

Concrete Fence Cost

Height Of The Fence

A high fence ensures improved privacy and better security. Like every other fence, the higher a concrete fence is, the more it costs.

An 8-foot concrete privacy fence costs more than a 6-foot privacy fence. The longer the fence you need, the more materials you require. Consequently, the more expensive it becomes.


The location where you want the fence installed will determine how much you pay for your concrete fence. First, consider the distance from where you are getting your materials. You need to pay to transport your concrete fencing. The further the distance, the higher the cost of your fence. Additionally, how easy it is to transport the materials will determine how much you pay.

You must also consider the status of the ground where the fence will be installed. A concrete fence needs a foundation. The longer your installers take to prepare the ground and a foundation the higher the cost of your fence installation.

If the fence has to be installed on a slope, the bigger the slope, the harder it is to install the fence and the higher the cost.

Materials Required

The quantity of materials needed to build a concrete fence determines the cost of fence installation. The larger the wall you need, the more materials you require. Consequently, the more you pay for your fence.

Labor Costs

Installing 100 linear feet of a 6-foot fence will have the same labor cost as a shorter fence. Installing a concrete fence is labor-intensive. Labor costs for the construction of a concrete fence range from $35 to $40 per hour. When constructing a concrete fence about 80% or more of your cost goes to labor.


How you finish your fence also influences their cost. Leaving your fence rough is cheaper than smoothening it.

A smooth concrete fence is more attractive than a rough fence. However, it will cost you more to make the fence more attractive.


Depending on where you live, you may have to pay for a permit to build a concrete fence. If you hire a contractor, they will advise you on how much you have to pay for fence permits. Or, visit your local government office to find out if you must pay a permit to build your concrete fence.

Quality Of Your Contractors

You can hire a mason or an engineer to build your fence. Whoever you hire, ensure that they are competent and experienced in their work. Engineers could be more expensive than a mason.

Additionally, find out if they are properly licensed in case an accident happens in the cause of the fence installation.

Use This Free Tool

When you are building a concrete fence, you need to hire a professional to do it for you. Most times, this is a difficult task as you don’t know how well they carry out their job.

You can use the tool for free to get your clients.

To start, enter your zip code in the space provided.

In the next step, fill the form provided and offer more information about your project. Provide information on the size of the fence you need, the slope of your land, if you have a permit, and any other essential information regarding the construction of your concrete fence.

You will then receive three or four quotations and advice with no obligation to hire from professional contractors. Go through the quotes and advice and hire the contractor that offers a quote according to your budget.

Start communication with the contractor so that you can make a plan on when and how to start and finish the fence according to your expectations.

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Precast Concrete Fence

If building your concrete fence is a lot of work, you can use precast concrete to build your fence. Precast concrete fences are manufactured and delivered to your site as concrete panels. As a result, it is much cheaper and easier to install than a cinder block concrete fence.

If you opt for a precast concrete fence, you will pay at least $20 to $30 per square foot depending on the type of panels you choose to install your fence with.

Just like concrete fences, precast concrete fences are durable. They are hard to destroy once they are installed.

Precast concrete fences offer high-level privacy and security to your home or office when you install them.

Precast concrete fences are cost-effective. Once installed, precast concrete fences need little to no maintenance. They do not need regular repair or painting. You can leave them as they are and they will last up to 100 years depending on their quality and the materials used to make them.

Precast Concrete Fence

Why You Should Install A Concrete Fence


A concrete fence is the most permanent fence you can install. Once installed, it requires a lot of effort to bring down.

This permanence of the concrete fence helps to enhance your security and privacy. Drilling a hole through a concrete fence or bringing the fence down is a difficult task.

Additionally, a concrete fence unlike a wooden fence doesn’t rot. Rotting and decay are major factors in weakening a wooden fence.

Further, concrete fences don’t dent when hit. They can withstand heavy pressure from car accidents and many other hard hits.

The permanence of a concrete fence is a major benefit for those who install it.

Noise Removal

Depending on where you live, there could be a lot of noise reaching your home. Noise from neighbors, the streets, or any other source could disturb the peaceful life in your house.

A sure way to keep noise out of your home and maintain peace in your house is to install a concrete fence.

Concrete is almost soundproof. It will keep over 85% of noise from outside your home out. It will ensure that your house is peaceful and comfortable to live in.

Enhanced Security

A major feature of a concrete fence is the enhanced security it provides. A concrete fence cannot be breached. You will need a bulldozer and several skilled artisans to bring down a concrete fence.

Depending on how it is built, it is difficult to climb over a concrete fence. Providing you with the ultimate security that a fence should.

If you are looking for a privacy fence, a concrete fence is the best solution. It hides you from whatever is beyond the wall. You can also build it to whatever height you want to provide as much privacy and security as you require.

Professionally Done

A good reason why you should install a concrete fence is that it has to be installed professionally. You cannot DIY a concrete fence installation. You will always need a professional to install the fence for you.

If non-professionals construct a concrete fence, it is a dangerous structure. It is unstable and can fall and injure anyone near it when it falls.

When a concrete fence is done professionally, it needs a team of workers. Whether it is a precast concrete fence or made from stone blocks and cement you will need experienced workers to install it for you.


Whether or not you need a permit to build a concrete fence depends on where you live. A professional will direct you on what you need before building or installing the concrete fence. They will let you know how much you will pay and where to pay it before you start any concrete fence construction on your site.

Depending on where you live, you may need a permit depending on the height of your concrete fence. If you have a high concrete privacy fence, you may have to get a permit for it. IF you have a short neighbor-friendly fence, you may not have to pay for it. Consult a pro fence installer before you build a fence.

Do I Need A Permit To Build A Concrete Fence

There are times you need to consult your neighbor when putting up a fence and other times that you don’t. If you already have an existing fence and would like to replace it with a concrete fence, you don’t need to consult your neighbor. You may inform them in advance that there will be ongoing construction to avoid any inconveniences.

When you are building a new fence, it is essential to involve your neighbor. You and your neighbors can identify the property lines together to ensure that you don’t build your fence on their property.

If you are building a shared fence, consult your neighbors to identify how much each will contribute and how to maintain the fence.

One of the reasons why most people prefer concrete fences is that they require little to no maintenance. Once you build a concrete fence, you don’t have to ever touch it again. It doesn’t need to be washed or painted. It doesn’t need to be stained to keep it from rotting or chemically treated.

You will never even need to repair a concrete fence. A concrete fence is strong enough to withstand strong hits. If any damage happens to your concrete fence, you will have to rebuild or have it re-installed if it is made from precast concrete.

If you hire a contractor to build a concrete fence on your land, they may offer a warranty on their workmanship. If you buy prefabricated concrete fences, you will get a warranty from the manufacturer.

Most warranties for built or prefabricated concrete fences are valid for 25 years. Over this period, if you have a problem with your fence, you can contact your contractor or its manufacturer and they will fix it for free.

Concrete fences are strong and durable. They will last longer than the warranty provided and will rarely exhibit problems that need you to call the contractor back for repair.

No. You cannot build or install a concrete fence by yourself. First, the materials needed to build or install a concrete fence need to be mixed in the right proportions to build a sturdy fence.

Secondly, even if you have the skills and materials to build a concrete fence, you will need a lot of time. Depending on the size of the fence being built, a team of workers will need up to five days to complete. If you decide to DIY, you will take much longer.

Yes. If you want to, you can remove a concrete fence from your land. However, concrete fences are mostly permanent. You have to dig a firm foundation to hold it.

You cannot place another fence at the point where you removed the concrete fence.

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