Install a dog run affordable to keep your dog from running off at all times. It is safe and relaxing for your dog. It provides peace of mind and is an easy project in terms of time and cost to complete.

It costs up to $500 to install a dog run in your yard. The best fence type for dogs is hog wire or welded wire or fences.

You can install many types of dog fences. Before you install any dog fence, there are many factors to consider, including the best fence for your dog, your budget, and what you want to see in your yard.

Dog Run

A dog run is a specific part of your yard that is fenced off for your dog. It takes up significant space in your yard to allow your dog to exercise and run around.

Depending on the size of the dog run you want, you can make it a dog kennel or install a dog’s kennel in it to ensure that it has a shaded area where it can rest and stay safe from rain and extreme sunshine. Or, you can add a roof on the dog run.

You can use chain links, wood, vinyl, or other materials to make a dog run.

A dog run is safe and convenient. It provides ample space for your dog to play and exercise. It also allows you to keep your dog safely away as you focus on other things.

Electric Invisible Fence

There are two types of electric invisible dog fences. One the invisible fence. This electric wire is installed under the ground around the area you want your dog confined. Your dog will wear a receiver collar on its neck. A signal is produced when the dog starts to wander and gets near the fence. When it is too close to the fence, the collar releases a mild electric shock to keep the dog from going over the fence.

The second type is a wireless fence. It works just the same as the invisible fence. Instead of installing electric wires underground, you will plant an electric transmitter at the boundary. It transmits to the collar and shocks the dog every time it tries to cross the allocated perimeter.

Wood Fences

Wood fences have been used for a long time as dog fences. They are highly effective and also expensive. Depending on the type of dog you own, they could go up to eight feet high to prevent it from jumping over.

Dog Wood Fences

Wire Fences

Wire fences are an inexpensive dog fence option. Like wood fences, you can make them to any height depending on the size of the dog. Wire fences corrode, break and weaken over time. Making it easy for the dog to get across the fence.

Cost Of Installing Dog Fences

Cost Of Installing A Dog Run

If you want to install a chain link dog run, you can expect to pay $190 to $2,000. A mesh kennel costs $190 to $500.

How much the material will determine a dog run costs, you choose to make the dog run. Additional accessories such as an exercise pen, flooring materials, an anchor kit, and panels increase the cost of installing a dog run.

Hiring a pro to install the dog run will cost you $100 to $300.

Depending on the size of dog run you need, you can easily buy dog run materials for $300 and install a 6 by 12 dog run by yourself.

Cost Of Installing A Wood Dog Fence

Depending on the type of lumber you use and the height of the fence, it will cost you $2 to $20 per linear foot to install a wooden dog fence.

Pine, cedar, and redwood are the most common types of wood used to make wooden dog fences. Pine is the cheapest, costing $2 to $4 for up to 6 feet of the fence, while redwood is the most expensive for $10 to $15.

Cost Of Installing Invisible Dog Fences

Installing invisible dog fences costs $970 to $1450. On average, you can expect to pay $1200 to install it. If you hire professionals, you can pay up to $2,000 to install this fence. Once the fence is installed, you must also incur about $2,000 to train your dog.

With an invisible fence, you also have the additional costs of buying batteries, chargers, and voltage meters.

It costs up to $500 to have a professional install the fence for you.

Factors To Consider When Installing A Dog Run Fence

Size Of Your Yard

This is an important factor to consider before installing a dog run. You can install a large dog run if you have a big yard. A large dog run provides more space for your dog to play and exercise. It ensures that your dog keeps strong and healthy.

For a small yard, install a small dog run so that you still have leftover space in which you can enjoy your yard.

A smaller yard is better if you install an invisible electric fence. It controls your dog better, and your remote receiver and the electric wire connect easily. Your electric dog fence and the remote may not communicate easily if you have a large yard.

Size Of The Dog

The larger your dog is, the larger the dog run needs to be. You don’t want your large dogs to be uncomfortable in a dog run that is too small for it. Further, the heavier your dog the more space it needs.

Depending on where you live, there may be specifications for dog runs. Make sure to install a dog run that meets the set specifications. If your dog doesn’t fit in the dog run, you can make a much larger dog run for it to fit in comfortably.

Dog House

Your dog run can easily become the dog kennel. All you need to do is to install a roof or a shade over the dog run.

Also, depending on the available space in your yard and the size of the dog run, you can build a dog house in the dog run. Thus your dog has a house where it can hide away from when the weather changes. It also has a yard where it can play and exercise.


Where you set your dog run in the yard is important. Make sure that it is a suitable location for the dog. It should be a location that gets ample sunlight to keep the dog warm and healthy when it is in the dog run.

It should not be a location that you have other activities. Don’t set up a dog run on your favorite spot in the yard. You will have robbed yourself or your children of a favorite spot.

Choose a location in your yard that makes it easy to check on the dog when you are in the house or when you are in the yard.


There are different types of floors you can install in your dog run. When you choose a floor consider your dog. It will lie on the floor for a lot of the time it will spend in the dog run.

Therefore, choose a flooring material that will be warm and comfortable for your dog. Ensure that it will also be easy to clean.

Also, ensure that your floor material is affordable and that the dog will not destroy it as it plays in the dog run.


Safety is a key concern when setting up a dog run. Make sure that the materials used, any accessories, and toys in the dog run are safe for your dog. Don’t use or place items that can choke or harm the dog in any way.

Also, make sure that the dog run is high enough and properly enclosed to keep the dog from jumping over it. Which could lead to your dog running off and getting lost. Also, make sure that the locks are out of reach for the do as it can easily open the latch itself.

A safe dog run has ample space for the dog, you can see what’s going on inside easily and it is easy to access and open.

Benefits Of A Dog Run

Enough Space To Play And Exercise

With a dog run, your dog has enough space to play and exercise on its own. Sometimes you are not available to play with your dog. Rather than have it sleep all day on the couch, confine it to the dog run.

Here the dog will get the space needed to run around and play. You don’t have to worry that it will break things in the house as it runs around. You can also add toys that the dog can play with while in the dog run.

Enough Space To Play And Exercise

Allows The Dog To See The Sun And Breath Fresh Air

Dogs should not be confined to the house all day. They need time in the sun and to get some fresh air through their systems. A dog run is the best way to do this.

Your dog is safe and can stay healthy at the same time.


Your dog run is a secure place to leave your dog outdoors. When it is properly closed, the dog can’t escape. By properly installing it, the dog can’t dig under it and run out of the dog run.

Suitable Space For The Dog

A dog run meets the needs of your dog. If he is hot he can rest in a shaded kennel to keep cool. You can build a custom-made dog run that fits the needs of your dog. A large dog can have a large dog run instead of buying one from the pet shop. You can also add toys that the dog is comfortable playing with.


When your dog is used to staying in the house, it will not like the dog run immediately. You need to make some effort to ensure that it likes it. One of the major things you need to do is walk your dog before leaving it in the dog run. It will get used to it fast when it sees it as a resting place.

Ample space, shade, and some toys to play with will allow the dog to love the dog run faster and get used to being confined in it sometimes. You can also go into it with the dog and spend some time playing.

The first thing to always check on when you start using a dog run is the dog’s safety. Make sure that all the items in the dog run are safe for the dog. When buying toys for your dog, make sure that they are made with proper materials that will not hurt it as it plays.

The second thing to look out for when your dog starts using the dog run is anxiety. Your dog can get anxious about being confined to the dog run. It will start whining, aggressive barking, and trying to escape the run. Regularly check on the dog to prevent it from getting separation anxiety.

Usually, your dog will resist the run. You can always contact a professional dog trainer to train the dog to accept the dog run. It is important to teach the dog that a dog run is a safe place for it to be. If you don’t it may develop anxiety and is likely to become aggressive or run away from you when the opportunity arises. A professional dog trainer will easily train the dog to accept the run.

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