When you are looking to jazz up your living room with a painting or hang your new flat-screen TV, you are going to need to know the weight limits of your drywall.

The average ½ inch drywall can safely hold up to 60 pounds with a typical drywall screw mount. If you are able to find a timber stud behind the drywall and hang from that, you will be able to safely hang closer to 100 pounds.

The amount of weight you can be able to hold on a drywall will depend on the thickness of the drywall you use and the mounting hardware. Below is some detailed weight data.

Drywall ThicknessMount TypeMaximum Weight
1/2 inchDrywall Screw18 pound
5/8 inchDrywall Screw25 pound
3/8 inchDrywall Screw32 pound
1/2 inchToggle Bolt20 pound
5/8 inchToggle Bolt50 pound
3/8 inchToggle Bolt100 pound
How much weight can I hang from drywall2