Igor Elenchevski

Igor is a prolific writer in many niches including music, home improvement and even psychology and addictions.
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Having recently completed my education, I come from a varied background that includes roles such as a social worker, author, entrepreneur, and overseer of a private trading firm. Throughout my college years, I delved into an extensive variety of literature, which sparked a fervent passion for writing. My early writing endeavors were concentrated on web portals in my community. However, venturing onto Upwork’s worldwide freelance marketplace has broadened my horizons, offering fresh opportunities for growth and enhancement.

In the past, I have written for music magazines, because I’m a musician too, local restaurants, and travel agencies. Lately, I’m focused on home improvement articles but I enjoy writing on a variety of topics. Since I’m a social worker, topics such as the fight against all kinds of addictions, and psychological issues are also close to me. I take pleasure in immersing myself in learning about new and exciting areas.

Latest from Igor
Do you need a building permit to drywall a basement

By adding drywall you can transform your basement from a cold and dark place to a pleasant living space, living room, playroom, or as an extra room for guests. Building permit depends on your state. Because in the States there are several zoning and development laws and every state has different regulations, maybe your state […]

cable deck railing sunset

A cable railing system will vary in price depending on the posts and cable used. The most common posts are wood, aluminum and stainless steel. Cable deck railing will cost you about $55 per linear foot on average. For a standard 400 sq ft. deck with 60 linear feet of decking edge, you can expect […]

Board on board

By a residential fence is meant a structure or a barrier erected in a residential district intended to provide security, mark a boundary, or as a means of landscaping with the centerline of such barrier to be located inside the designated property line. The types of residential fences can be divided into several groups such […]

Rusty fence repair cost   $45   $100

Chain Link fences are pretty easy and cheap to repair. You can DIY or get a pro to do the job. Both are fairly cheap options. The average cost of repairing a chain link fence ranges from $8 – $20 per linear foot, including materials and labor. This is for a 6-foot chain link fence. […]

How Long Does it Take to Get a Fence Permit

Whether or not you need a permit to build or replace the fence depends on the specific local regulations. In some cases, minor repairs under a certain dollar value may not require a permit. How long you will get your permit depends on the local building department. The time period in which you will receive […]

Anti climb fence design

Anti-climb or non-scalable fencing is a great idea if your yard backs onto a park, car park, alleyway or any other place shady characters might look for a soft entry point to your home. An Anti-climbing fence is any fence that is designed to make it difficult to scale. Normally at least 2.1 meters high […]