A chain-link fence is one of the most affordable fences you can install. It is not an attractive fence. However, it is a suitable boundary marker.

A major disadvantage of a chain-link fence is the lack of privacy. The large spaces in the fence allow neighbors and passers-by to see everything that’s happening in your yard. As a result, many homeowners would rather install a different kind of fence that provides the privacy and protection they need.

Before you buy an expensive fence, here are some ideas you can try on how to make chain link fences private.

You can insert long and narrow pieces of different materials in the spaces of the chainlink fence. These narrow pieces are known as slats. You can make slats from wood or buy vinyl slats or any other material.

Slats once inserted in the chainlink can maintain their position without being tied to the chainlink fence itself. Thus they are a maintenance-free method to enhance the privacy of your fence.

Slats are as durable as the chain-link fence. The slats will provide privacy for as long as the fence stands.

Depending on the material you choose for slats, they will enhance the attractiveness of your chainlink fence.

Black PrivacyLink

Plant Flowers, Bushes, Trees

An effective way to make your chain link fence private is to grow flowers alongside it. Dig a trench right next to the chain-link fence and plant your flowers there.

Choose flowers, bushes, hedges, or trees that can grow quickly and get thick enough to cover the spaces in your chain link fence.

Make sure you have sufficient spacing between the flowers, bushes, trees, or hedges that you plant at the base of your fence. The space provides enough room for each plant to cover a larger space of the chain link. Thus providing you with the privacy you seek.

Plant Flowers, Bushes, Trees

Add a Wooden Fence or screen

Another easy way to make a chain link fence private is by adding a wooden fence to it. Block the views into your yard by installing a wooden fence.

You will have to install the fence in your yard, in front of the chain-link fence. If you install it outside the chain-link fence, you may be encroaching onto the street.

Buy a wooden fence in a style that you like. Install the fence yourself or get a fence installation company to do it for you.

Once the installation is complete, it will transform your yard and make your chain link fence private. You can spend days in your yard without worrying about your neighbors. You can’t see them and they can’t see you either.

Add a Wooden Fence or screen

Add A Privacy Mesh Screen

A privacy mesh screen is an easy way to make a chain link fence private. Buy a mesh screen and install it right in front of your chain link fence.

A privacy mesh is affordable. You can install it easily as a family DIY task or ask a professional for help.

Privacy mesh is available in different colors. Whichever color you choose, make sure it is opaque enough to hide the goings-on in your yard from neighbors and passers-by.

Buy a privacy mesh that is the same height and width as your fence. Privacy mesh is easily available, easy to install, and makes your chain link fence private.

Add A Privacy Mesh Screen

Add Artificial Hedges

You can also make a chainlink fence private by adding artificial hedges to it. You will buy your artificial hedges and cover your fence with them.

Once your fence is covered, you can enjoy your personal space privately. Besides providing privacy, artificial hedges also add elegance and beauty to your yard.

Artificial hedges do not need maintenance. You can wipe them regularly if there’s lots of dust in your neighborhood.

Also, when they fade after years of exposure to weather extremes, you can replace them easily. Use different types of artificial hedges to add both privacy and elegance to your yard.

Add Artificial Hedges

Put Up A Lattice Fence

Convert your chain link fence to a lattice fence to make it private. Lattice fences have smaller gaps than those in chainlink fences. People passing by your house cannot see what is going on, on the other side.

You can use strips of metal, wood, or vinyl to make a lattice fence. Consult a professional fence installer on how you can convert your chainlink fence into a lattice fence. If you have the skills to do it by yourself, it will be cheaper than having an expert do it for you.

Once the fence is up, you can plant your favorite flowers in baskets and hang them on the fence to enhance your outdoor ambiance.

Put Up A Lattice Fence

Outdoor Curtains

If you have a chain-link fence, you can add outdoor curtains to enhance the privacy in your yard. If you have a sitting area, you can hang pretty curtains. Go for long curtains especially if you have a short fence.

Curtains will provide both privacy and elegance to your yard. Combined with your chain link fence, curtains can help to enhance the security of your home.

Choose a thick and colorful fabric to make your curtains. You can use natural wood or wrought iron rods to hang your curtains around your outdoor sitting area. These will blend in with your home and the outdoors and add elegance.

Outdoor Curtains

Insert Bottles

You can make chain links private by inserting bottles. This not only adds privacy to your yard but also helps the environment. There are many plastic bottles strewn all around our neighborhoods and beaches. Collecting these to use on your fence reduces the pollution effect on the environment. Since they don’t decompose easily, you can have lasting privacy cheaply.

Collect as many bottles as you need to fit your whole fence. Also, make sure to get bottles in different colors and shapes to enhance the appearance of your fence. You can also use plastic and glass bottles if available.

Insert the collected bottles into the space of the chain link. You will have created privacy as no one will see through the bottles and enhanced the look of your fence.

Insert Bottles In The Chain Link Fence

Potted Climbing Plants And Flowers

Besides planting flowers and plants where your fence is grounded, you can get potted plants. Buy climbing plants that will grow on the chainlink fence. Place the pots just next to your fence. Buy as many potted plants to fit the length of your fence.

It will take some time before the plants are long enough and thick enough to cover your entire fence. When they eventually do, in a few months to a year, you will have natural privacy in your yard.

Depending on the plants and flowers you want to use, potted plants are affordable. You will have to water them for a while before they grow. You will need to trim them when they overgrow. Thus you will have a low-maintenance fence.

Potted Climbing Plants And Flowers

Fence Weaving

You can make a chain-link fence private by installing fence weaving on it. Fence weave is similar to slats only that you can customize it to your preferred design and color. A fence weave is a plastic material that can be easily inserted into chainlink fencing. Once inserted, it remains on the chainlink for as long as possible similar to slats.

Fence weaving is an easy DIY project. You can involve the whole family to transform your chain-link fence into a privacy fence.

Fence Weaving

Install A Bamboo Fence

Another natural-looking solution to make your chain-link fence private is a bamboo fence. Purchase a bamboo fence and install it against your chain-link fence to enhance privacy.

When installing your bamboo fence, don’t let it touch the ground or it will start decaying. You can install the bamboo fence by yourself or pay a professional to fix it for you.

A bamboo fence is attractive. Once it is fixed, the bamboo sticks making up the roll of the fence are tied together with a wire. This ensures that there’s not a large enough space for anyone on either side to see through.

Install A Bamboo Fence

Hang Decoration On Your Chainlink Fence

You can hang decorations on your chain-link fence to enhance privacy and at the same time make your home stand out.

You can use any type of decorations including your Christmas lights. Decorations will cover your chain link fence to prevent those on the other side from looking in. You will also not see the outside.

Decorations can ensure that your chain-link fence is easily converted to a privacy fence. Decorations will also transform the fence itself. Transforming it from a rusty metal wire fence to a reflective and decorated fence everyone wants to pass by.

Hang Decoration On Your Chainlink Fence

Replace Your Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence does not provide privacy. It is only a marker of property lines for most people. In the rural regions where people have vast agricultural lands, a chain link fence is suitable. In urban areas, the chain link is not useful as most people are seeking privacy.

To make a chain-link fence private, you need to add a new fence or, cover it. Sometimes, you don’t have the time or money to do that. The easiest option is to replace the chain-link fence with a more privacy-focused fence.

A wood or bamboo fence is a suitable privacy fence. Instead of having either of these and a chain-link fence, remove the chain-link fence and have a privacy fence.

Replace Your Chain Link Fence


A chain-link fence is a plain-looking fence. For most people, it is an ugly fence. However, you can make it look more appealing. You can paint it, insert slats or plant climbing flowers and plants on it.

If you are looking to fence your property on a budget, a chain-link fence is the most recommended fence. A chain-link fence is cheaper to install than any other type of fence. It will cost around $2,000 to purchase and install a chain-link fence which is cheaper than other types of fences.

A chain-link fence has many benefits. First, it is a low-maintenance durable fence. All you need to do is regularly inspect and remove rust from the chain-link. It will serve you for up to 50 years. It is cheap to buy and easy to install.

Benjamin McInerny
Author: Benjamin McInerny - is a qualified arborist with 20 years of industry experience. Ben has a wide knowledge of renovation and DIY projects around the house such as lawns, fencing and painting. Ben shares his skills with DIY enthusiasts.