A chain-link fence is a common residential fence. When setting up a chain-link fence, many homeowners wonder what the standard height of their fence should be.

There aren’t any established standard heights, but depending on the use case there are certain ranges of heights. Many homeowners set up a 4-foot chain-link fence across their front yard. But if you have kids or pets a 6 – 8 foot fence might be more suitable in your backyard.

You can set up any higher chain-link fence based on needs as long as it is inline with maximum fence height laws in your state.

Chain Link Fence Height


How much money you have to build a fence determines how high your fence is. A 6-foot fence is cheaper to install than an 8-foot fence. If you can only afford to set up a 6-foot fence you can’t set up an 8-foot chain-link fence.

Chain-link fences are affordable compared to other types of fences. How much you spend on a chain-link fence depends on the gauge of the chain-link fence. The gauge determines how thick the wire on your fence is. The thicker the wire, the more expensive your chain-link fence is.


When setting up your fence, you need to consider the type and number of pets you have. Every fence you install should provide sufficient security for your pets to run around the yard freely.

A 4-foot fence is enough for your home if pets cannot jump over the fence. If you have a large dog, that can jump over a 4-foot fence, you will have to install a much higher fence.

When you install a chain link fence make sure that it is safe for your pets and that they will not fit in the gaps on the chain-link fence.

Privacy And Security

Privacy and security fences are much higher than ordinary fences. Chain-link fences do not offer a lot of privacy but are good security fences. The higher a fence is the more security it provides. The more security you need the higher the fence you need for your home.

A privacy fence is at least 6-feet high.

Purpose Of A Fence

The purpose of a fence determines how high it will be. Once you have a clear purpose for the fence you want to install, you can decide the height of the fence you want to install. You may want a fence for your pool area, a privacy fence, or a fence in your agricultural land. Each of these fences will be of different heights.

A privacy fence, depending on where it is installed is a much higher fence than an ordinary fence or agricultural land fence. You can use a chain-link fence of up to 8-feet depending on the purpose of the fence.

Permits And Regulations

Depending on where you live, regulations on fence heights may determine how high a fence you can install. Find out if there are laws or regulations from homeowners associations on how high a fence you can install on your yard.

You may also find that local authorities in your area require that you pay higher amounts for high fences.

What Is The Standard Height Of A Chain Link Fence

Chain-link fences don’t have a standard height. However, the purpose or location of the fence will determine how high a fence you install.

Front yard fences are usually 3-feet high while backyard fences are much higher at 6-feet. You can use these commonly accepted fence heights to install your chain-link fence.

Can You Increase The Height Of Your Chain-link Fence

Yes, you can add the height of your chain-link fence. You can easily add the height of your chain-link fence to your desired height.

One way that you can add the height of your chain-link fence is by adding welded wire onto the chain-link fence. Welded wire is as strong as the chain-link fence. To add it to your fence, you will weld it onto the top and increase its height.

You can also increase the height of your chain-link fence by adding a mesh net to the fence. A mesh net is strong and will not be swayed by the wind. If you have a short chain-link fence, you can easily make it a privacy fence by adding a mesh net to it.

You can also add height extension poles onto your chain-link fence. Fix the poles to the top of the chain-link fence. You can then add more chain-link onto the poles to enhance security and increase the height of your chain link fence. They will effectively deter your dogs from jumping over the fence.

There are many reasons why you may decide to add the height of your fence. High fences enhance privacy and security. They keep your pets safe and locked in your yard.

Can You Increase The Height Of Your Chain link Fence

DIY Or Hire A Pro To Install My Chain-Link Fence

Like with everything else, DIY helps you to save money. If you have the right tools, skills, and time, you can install a chain-link fence by yourself or with your family.

However, fence installation is a technical task that needs to be carried out by pros. A pro will ensure that your fence is properly installed in the first instance. They will offer advice on the permits you need and the best fence for your land.

Use This Free Tool

You can hire a pro on homegardenguides.com. Then, fill in your location zip code and the form providing details on your fencing project.

You will receive three quotes from licensed fence installers. Go through the quotes and advice provided carefully.

You can pick a pro from these quotes to handle your project. Make sure that they are competent for the task you want to offer. Also, ensure that they are licensed and insured. Finally, make sure that they will work within your budget and provide both high-quality materials and service.

Before you pick a pro, visit their website or contact them to find out more about their work and how they do it.

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Depending on the purpose of your chain-link fence, you may need a heavy and thick chain-link fence. The gauge of the wire on the chain-link fence determines how thick or heavy your chain-link is.

The most common gauge sizes are 6, 9. 11, and 11.5. The higher the gauge number, the thinner the wire on your chain-link fence.

You will buy your chain-link fence based on the purpose of a fence. You may need a thin or a thick chain-link fence.

You can use different types of fence materials for different purposes. A chain-link fence cannot be used as a privacy fence. Chain-link has large spaces between the wires that allow for visibility through the fence.

The best use for a chain link fence is to mark property lines. This can be done both in urban and rural settings. You can also use chain-link fencing to keep your pets from straying when they are out of the house. High concrete fences are good security fences that are used at home and in commercial settings.

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