Redwood is one of the best wood fencing options because of its rich color, durability, and natural resistance to rot, insects, and warping. It is also widely used for siding homes and building decks. If you are looking for a durable and aesthetically pleasing fence, redwood is an excellent choice.

On average, homeowners spend about $2,812.50 to install redwood fencing, ranging between $1,575 and $4,050. The cost to install the fence per linear foot averages from $15 to $40.

The actual installation cost of redwood fencing will depend on the size of the project, difficulty of the job, location, and finish options.

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Redwood fencing cost per linear foot

The average cost to install redwood fencing per linear foot is about $18 to $40. This cost varies widely depending on the size of the project, your location, and the job’s complexity. The average cost for redwood fencing per foot is $31.35. You can pay about $18 per linear foot for smaller and straightforward projects, while larger and more complicated projects can be up to $45 per linear foot.

How do I estimate the cost of redwood fencing high fence

National average cost of redwood fencing

The national average cost to install redwood fencing is in the vicinity of $2,812.50, coming in between $1,575 and $4,050. On the low end, the cost averages at $800, while the high end can go up to $6,500.

Average labour cost of redwood fencing

On average, labour cost for installing redwood fencing averages $8 to $25 per linear foot. The labour cost may, however, vary due to regional differences. Typically, high-income areas tend to pay more for labour than lower-income areas for a similar project.

Redwood fencing cost by style

Below is the average cost to install redwood fencing by style

StyleCost per linear foot
Picture frame board-on-board$17.45 - $27.05
Picture frame louvered frame$15 - $25
Jumbo lattice fence$17 - $29.5
Privacy lattice fence$27 - $60
Piano key lattice$18.45 - $24.50
Shadow-box$12.5 - $19
Nail-on flat fence$10 - $15

Picture frame board-on-board

The picture frame board on board fence is perfect for people looking for privacy and aesthetics. This fence is highly attractive and keeps your property protected from snooping passers-by and stray dogs. This fence style is also very durable as it is constructed using thick redwood boards that do not warp easily.

The picture frame board on board fence is available in three redwood grades, so you can select the grade that fits your budget. Installing this fence will set you back by about $17.45 to $27.05 per linear foot.

Picture frame louvered frame

Another excellent redwood fencing style is the picture frame louvered frame fence. This is a neighbour-friendly fence that is also strong and secure. It provides optimal privacy and keeps you and your neighbours happy at all times. If you are looking for an appealing fence that will offer privacy for several years, this will make an excellent choice.

Be ready to spend approximately $15 to $25 per linear foot if you wish to install this fence style.

Redwood fencing cost

Jumbo lattice fence

The jumbo lattice redwood fencing style is another perfect choice for your home. This fence is constructed using the thickest, top-grade lattice in the industry. It is, therefore, one of the strongest fences that will offer you many years of seamless service. This fence style is also attractive and offers beauty and privacy. It helps keep your kids and pets within the compound and keep off prying people and unfriendly animals.

Installing this fence costs between $17 and $29.5 per linear foot.

Privacy lattice fence

If you want total privacy and security, the privacy lattice fence is for you. This fence is made using thick, standard handmade jumbo lattice to add an extra dimension. The privacy lattice fence features three layers that keep off prying people and unwanted animals from your yard. Get that custom look for your home without compromising quality and privacy with this fence style.

Expect to spend about $27 to $60 per linear foot to install this fence.

Piano key lattice

Here is another perfect fencing option for privacy and security. The piano key lattice fence is a descendant of the picture frame fence family. It is a custom fence that separates your fence from that of your neighbours. This fence style is designed using 2 x 2 redwood toppers. Small spaces are then incorporated in between every piece to keep the fence all vertical and horizontal.

The average cost to install this fence is around $18.45 to $24.50 per linear foot.


The shadow box fence style is another excellent choice for your home. It is a cute style that adds beauty and quality to your property. This fence style is ideal for windy areas due to its open boards. It offers excellent privacy and security as it keeps prying eyes and stray dogs off while keeping your animals and kids safe in the compound.

This kind of fence costs around $12.5 to $19 per linear foot to install.

Nail-on flat fence

If you are looking for a quality fence on a budget, the nail-on-top fence is an excellent choice. It is an economical fence that offers simplicity and strength without compromising on quality. The nail-on flat top fence features a flat top look that makes it appealing. This fence offers durability and ensures you get the privacy you need for years.

Installing this fence style will set you back by approximately $10 to $15 per linear foot.

How do I estimate the cost of redwood fencing?

It is paramount to estimate the cost of your redwood fencing project to know how much money you are likely to spend. Some of the elements you should consider include:

  • Labour: labour costs are essential as they take approximately 70% of the total project cost. When estimating the labour cost for your project, ensure you get quotes from at least three to five companies.
  • Materials: it is critical to know the number of boards you will need and the total material cost. Redwood comes in different grades and thicknesses, all priced differently. Thicker and top-grade redwood will be costlier than standard boards.
  • Project size: another essential aspect you should consider is the size of your project. Ensure the contractor takes correct measurements to know the total linear footage. A large property will cost more to install redwood fencing than a smaller house.
  • Location: Projects’ prices differ from one location to another. Usually, people living in rural areas tend to have fair prices than people living in booming metropolitan areas.

Other factors that may affect the installation cost of your redwood fencing include height, fencing style, gates, permits, and the slope of the land.

Is redwood fencing hard to maintain?

Redwood fencing is one of the strongest and most durable wood fences in the industry. It is naturally resistant to insects and decay, which makes it easy to maintain. Below are five key ways to properly maintain your redwood fence.

  1. Remove debris regularly and clean the fence at least once a year
  2. Inspect the fence from time to time and repair it on time to maintain its integrity
  3. Replace loose boards immediately to keep the fence firm and beautiful at all times
  4. Use a high-quality protective seal to protect your fence from the elements
  5. Keep your fence away from sprinklers and clear from vines

With regular maintenance, your redwood fencing will serve you for a long time and keep your property safe from intruders.

How long does redwood fencing last?

Redwood fencing lasts for up to 25 years with proper care and maintenance. If you clean the fence and repair it on time, it can last for a longer time. Yearly inspections are necessary to ensure the fence is in good condition.

DIY vs. Hiring a Professional

Fence installation is a demanding job requiring a skilled professional to handle the power tools properly and pour concrete correctly. An average homeowner may not have enough skills or access to the tools needed for the project. Hiring a professional fencing contractor can save you lots of time and money in the long term.

Do It Yourself


  • DIY fence installations will save you lots of money
  • You will have an excellent chance to sharpen your skills
  • You will choose the fence style and grade you want
  • The satisfaction that comes after completing the project is incomparable


  • You will need to buy all the material and supplies needed for the project
  • The job may take too long to complete
  • You may expose yourself to harm due to inexperience
  • DIY installations may be expensive in the long term due to frequent repairs caused by substandard installations

Hiring a Professional


  • Pros have enough experience and expertise to install fences, so you will get high-quality installations
  • The installation will be completed on time
  • Professional installations are cheaper in the long run due to fewer repairs and material wastage
  • Pros will come with their own materials and supplies


  • Professional installations are quite expensive
  • There is no assurance that the job will be good


Yes, you should seal your redwood fence after every 3-5 years. The stain will protect the wood from weather elements and enhance its durability. It also enhances the natural colour of the redwood. High-quality stains such as Preserva Wood offer excellent UV protection. This stain is also water repellent to protect your redwood fence from rainwater.

While a redwood fence itself may not add much value to a property, it will enhance a home’s value by up to 50% of the material cost if there is a true need for it. The quality of the materials used to install the fence also play a big role in increasing the value of a home. Installing a fence in the front yard, however, tends to reduce a home’s curb appeal. That is why most people prefer leaving their front yards exposed but fence the backyard.

Yes! Redwood is an excellent choice for fencing because it has a natural resistance to decay, rot, insects, and warping. It is a high-end wood fencing option that is cheaper to install than tropical woods. More so, it is naturally beautiful and long-lasting and can last for 25 years or more with proper care and maintenance.

Yes, redwood lasts longer than cedarwood. Both redwood and cedar are excellent options for residential fencing. However, redwood is stronger than cedar by approximately 23%, which makes it more durable. Redwood possesses more naturally occurring chemicals than cedarwood. The chemicals protect the wood from the weather, resulting in less maintenance over time.

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