Apart from being a crucial part of any home design, windows have practical and aesthetic architectural importance, and well-kept windows increase your house’s desirability and overall property value.

Professionals charge $1.43 – $3.47 per linear foot to paint a window, and the total cost to paint a single-window can range from $97 – $785. These costs include labor and materials.

Before shopping for estimates, you should understand that the window painting costs of two similar houses’ will differ. Several factors are responsible for this, and they include; the type of windows and the material, the amount and type of trim, prep time, and more.

Cost to paint window trimPrice
Cost per linear foot$1 – $6
Cost per hour$20 – $75/hr
Average single window (interior and exterior)$1 – $6
Average double window (interior and exterior)$6 – $12
National average$224
Cost to paint window trim4

Painting your house exterior and interior trims add a touch of glamor to your home and improves its overall attraction. Industry-wide fees for painting window trim range from $1-$6 per linear foot. This price includes labor and materials. The average cost of painting all windows on a typical 1,500 sq. ft house is $800 – $1,500. However, the cost to paint elaborate moldings and trims surrounding sidelights, ornate, transom, and double windows can easily double that amount.

The cost of painting your window trim depends on factors such as location, the prep work involved, and the difficulty. Moreover, trim painting jobs requiring multiple colors are more expensive than trim projects requiring a single color type of paint. Some colors such as black also cost more to buy. 

Pro painting window trim

Exterior trim

The cost to paint exterior trim ranges from $1-$6 per linear foot, including labor and materials. The estimated cost of painting the exterior trim of a 1,500 sq. ft. home (including materials and labor) is around $1,680. The price of painting exterior trims like fascia, downspouts, soffit, eaves, and gables range, from $2.50-$6.00 per linear foot. Painting hard-to-reach trims, e.g., soffits on two-story buildings, add an extra $1 per linear foot to your painting costs. Buying the right type of paint is very important because most exterior paints are formulated with protectants and preservatives to guarantee long-lasting brilliance and protect trim materials such as wood, mildew, moisture, mold, termites other insects.

Interior trim

The cost to paint Interior trim ranges from $1-$6 per linear foot, including labor and materials. Hiring a professional to paint the interior trim of a typical 1,500-square-foot house will cost between $1,200-$3,700. Painting the interior trim of your home is usually more expensive than painting the exterior trim due to the following reasons:

  1. Homes have more linear feet of interior trim.
  2. Painters spend a longer time prepping interior trims for painting.
  3. Interior trims are narrower than exterior trims, which increases the painting difficulty.

DIY trim painting vs. hiring a professional

Cost paint a window

Like all DIY home improvement projects, painting your home trim is a job for avid DIY enthusiasts. If you are not keen on them, then you’re better off hiring a professional. As expected, DIY trim painting costs are a lot less than hiring a professional. You’ll spend between $300-$600 to buy materials and supplies needed to cover the trim of a 1,500-square-foot house. It is a job that will take you around two days to complete, including trim preparation, painting, and clean-up activities. Prep work; scraping and stripping the old paint and caulking, can be messy and laborious. You can hire a handyman to do the prep work to save effort and time. However, this will add to the overall costs, and you might need to supervise him to ensure that he does a quality job.


Here are a few reasons why the DIY trim painting option is a great choice :

  1. You can easily correct mistakes.
  2. You save money on (at times expensive) labor costs. This is a massive advantage if you own a vintage home with lots of custom trims.
  3. You can turn what is supposed to be a tedious task into a fun-filled activity by inviting family and friends to help you with the painting.
  4. You’ll work at your place and not according to a rigid schedule.
  5. You can discover overlooked or neglected parts of your house that need immediate attention.
  6. Go here for more DIY painting tips and tricks.

Hiring a professional to paint your home trim is an excellent choice if you have neither the time nor the DIY experience. Seasoned professional painters have the skills to deliver high-quality work that also reflects your style. A significant advantage of hiring a professional is that they have the equipment that allows them to reach and paint hard-to-get-to areas, and they clean up the mess afterward.


Below Is a list of a few of the benefits of hiring a professional painter:

  1. Professional painters produce higher quality work than DIY enthusiasts.
  2. Professional painters can deploy the proper equipment to work on job sites requiring them to paint high reach areas, lessening the risk of severe injuries and creating a safe work environment.
  3. Professional painters carry the proper insurance to pay for any damage done to your home while working.
  4. Professional painters give you color guidance, and they’ll advise you on the best paint and colors that will make your home look truly unique.
  5. Professionals have the skills to properly prep your trims for painting.

Cost to strip/ scrape and paint old windows

Although experts recommend replacing windows to reduce energy loss, some older antique windows may have specific architectural and historically significant significance that may require their preservation. The cost of materials needed to restore old windows by stripping accumulated layers of paint from the frames and repainting them is around $400. Hiring a professional to perform the job costs an extra $400. Most old windows are usually over 25 years or more, and a well maintained older window could last 25 more years and save you thousands of dollars in replacement costs over time.


It takes about 5 hours to paint an average-sized window, but this may depend on the painter’s experience. Large and ornate windows with multiple color trims can take anywhere from 6 hours to a couple of days to paint.

There are no fixed timelines on how often you should paint windows. Your window repainting schedule can depend on the quality of the paint used. Climate and weather conditions play a massive part in determining how long a paint job would last.

Here is a breakdown for each window surface:

  • Repaint Bricks every 15-20 years
  • Repaint wood every 4-7 years.
  • Stucco will last for approximately 5-6 years.

Finding a local painter near you is easy. Most painting contractors In your community have their business listing on Google My Business directory with names, addresses, business phone numbers, and geotagged photos of their business premises displayed. By typing a search for painters in your town or city, Google pulls up all the local painters’ information in its database and shows it on its search page. Also, you could read the client’s reviews on their Google listing to help you decide on whether to hire them or not.

Although laws vary from state, commercial painters and painting contractors do require licensing. Homeowners and private painters, however, do not need to have a license to paint.

The average cost of painting casements or crown moldings ranges from $1-$6 per linear foot.
Crown molding and casements are interior trim molding between ceilings and wall edges, doors, and windows. They are decorative and timeless architectural designs that add an elegant touch to your home.

Both exterior and interior trim paints are readily available at hardware and home improvement stores. Their prices range between $10-$90 per gallon for both exterior and interior trim paints.

The type of parts are:

  1. Acrylic latex trim paint is for exterior trim use only. Cost ranges from $20-$90 per gallon.
  2. Water-based paint for interior trims only. Cost range from $10-$70 per gallon
  3. Oil-based paint for both exterior and interior trims. Cost ranges from $20-$70 per gallon.
  4. Stir oil-based paint for both exterior and interior trims. Cost ranges from $40-$80 per gallon.
  5. Latex paint for both exterior and interior trims. Cost range from $10-$70 per gallon

Latex-based paints are renowned for their high gloss and quality, and acrylic latex is an excellent choice for exterior trims. Oil-based paints are formulated to resist wear and tear, and they are suitable for interior use, especially on surfaces with high traffic.

Here are some professional trim painting tips that are guaranteed to make your painting project look like the work of a pro.

  1. Prep the trim with a shaver or use a hand scraper.
  2. Thoroughly sand the trim and caulk. When the trim is dry, clean the trim with a bleach solvent and use a hard brush to remove the remaining dirt particles.
  3. Always start from the corner and paint smoothly outwards.
  4. Always apply a layer of water-repellant trimer to wood trims before painting.
  5. Wait for the first layer of paint to dry before adding another coat.
  6. Use painter’s tape to ensure straight and neat edges.

You’ll need to obtain a permit in some states and municipalities before painting the trims on your home exterior. The average cost of getting a permit ranges from $200-$500. However, you do not need a license to paint the interior of your home.

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