Zinc is one of the most uncommon metal siding materials in residential and commercial buildings. This is mainly because of its high buying and installation cost.

Zinc metal siding installation costs between $15 and $25 per square foot. This is more expensive than other materials like wood and vinyl siding. It even costs more than high quality steel siding and aluminum siding.

Copper siding is the only metal siding material that is more expensive than zinc. It costs between $20 and $35 per square foot installed.

Zinc Siding Cost 2021 Price Guide – Home Garden Guides
Zinc metal siding cost ( Materials)Cost per square foot$5$8
Zinc metal siding installation costCost per square foot$15$25
Zinc siding labor costsCost per hour$40$50
Zinc Siding labor costsCost per square foot$4$12
Total Zinc metal siding price (installed)1500-2500 square footage$22500$62500

Zinc Metal Siding Cost by Style

Style Average Cost per sq ft.
Rustic Log and Batten$15

National Average Cost: $20

Zinc Metal Siding Labor Cost

Zinc metal siding costs more in labor than other siding materials like vinyl, traditional wood, steel and aluminum siding. This is because of the labor intensive nature of installing metal siding materials such as zinc.

There are however other factors that affect the labor cost to install metal siding. They include building type and size per square foot, the degree of preparation needed, the equipment required and the location of the site.

Additional Cost Factors of Zinc Siding


Zinc metal panels usually come in different gauges or thicknesses. Thicker panels cost more than thinner panels since they provide a better protective layer against the elements.

Most metal siding installers therefore recommend metal panels that are at least 26 gauges in thicknesses. Professional installers also advise clients not to choose metal panels with a thickness above 24 gauges for residential metal siding.

This will help them to save money and still obtain high quality zinc metal siding panels.

Removing Old Siding

Removing your existing siding is extremely important before installing your new siding. It is however not uncommon for vinyl, zinc or steel siding panels to be placed over old wood siding. Removing old siding costs between $0.25 and $0.75 per square foot.

Removing Old Siding

Paint Finishes

Metal siding prices also vary depending on the paint finishes on the metal panels. Metal panels with high-quality finishes have superior durability when compared to those with low-quality finishes. They, therefore, have a higher material cost.

It is however important to note that zinc metal roofing and siding panels are mostly not painted. This is because they naturally react with oxygen in the atmosphere to form a protective zinc oxide patina that prevents rusting.

Panel Profiles

Exposed fastener panels and concealed fastener panels are the two main metal panel profiles. All other profiles like standing seam, batten panels, metal shingles, and corrugated metal siding fall under these two depending on whether they have hidden or exposed fasteners.

Concealed fastener panels are more expensive and difficult to install than exposed fastener panels. This is because their fasteners are hidden and therefore provide a visually pleasing external appearance. Such fasteners are also protected from adverse weather conditions.

Pros and Cons of Zinc Metal Siding


It is Long Lasting

Zinc is an extremely long lasting siding and roofing material. It can last for up to 100 years. This makes it more durable than other metal siding materials like corrugated steel siding, tin siding and aluminum siding.

Copper is the only metal siding material that can last more than zinc. Zinc metal siding even lasts more than other non-metal siding materials like wood siding and vinyl siding. This is because it is naturally resistant to fire, mold and insects.

Zinc Naturally Galvanizes Itself.

Unlike galvanized steel panels, zinc naturally reacts with the oxygen in the atmosphere to form a protective zinc oxide layer known as a patina. It is this patina that keeps it free from rust and climatic damage.

It does this by reforming itself on zinc metal siding panels each time they experience scratching. It even forms a protective coating on zinc roofing panels and metal gutters.

It is Visually Appealing

Zinc is an extremely visually appealing metal roofing and siding material. This is because it naturally changes from its initial dark grey color to a light shade of grey or blue as a result of continuous oxidation.

It is a Low Maintenance Siding Material

Zinc metal siding is practically maintenance free as long as its installation process is up to standard. This is because of its natural patina formation that makes it easier to maintain than aluminum and steel house siding.

It is Environmentally Friendly.

Zinc is generally as eco-friendly as aluminum and steel siding. This is because it is completely recyclable and extremely energy efficient.


It is Expensive

Zinc is an extremely costly metal siding material. Zinc metal siding panels are even more expensive than insulated steel panels. Steel siding costs between $5 to $10 per square foot installed while zinc can cost up to $25 per square foot depending on thickness and profile.

Copper siding metal panels are the only exterior cladding panels that cost more than zinc. It can cost up to $35 per square foot to install such siding panels.

It is not Energy Efficient

Zinc is not as energy efficient as wood and vinyl siding because it is a metal. It therefore requires additional insulation to be placed underneath it to increase its energy efficiency.

Patina Variables

Zinc metal panels usually experience patina depending on the climatic conditions in their environment. This process is however not predictable in terms of time and color.

You can therefore not predict how long it will take your zinc metal siding to patina into your desired color.

Professional vs DIY Metal Siding Installation

There are a number of factors that need to be considered when choosing between hiring zinc siding professionals and doing a DIY project. These include:

Professional vs DIY Metal Siding Installation


If you have handled a similar DIY project to zinc metal siding in the past, you probably have the needed skill to do it by yourself. You should however not overstate your level of experience.

Ensure you hire a professional to install metal siding for you if you are not confident in your metal siding installation knowledge. This can help you prevent challenges that come with poor installation like water leakage.


Metal siding installers can certainly handle larger siding jobs than DIY contractors. This is because they possess the necessary manpower and equipment to complete such a task. It is therefore advisable to hire them if your metal siding job goes beyond a few small repairs.

Time and Cost

Although a DIY project can help you save the money needed to hire professionals, it is quite time consuming.

You can also end up spending more on such a project if you end up making unnecessary mistakes as a result of lack of experience and skill. It is therefore advisable to hire professional metal siding experts to put up your new siding.

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Zinc, aluminum and steel siding cost more to install than other cheaper siding materials like composite wood and vinyl. They however add a lot of value and curb appeal to your home since they are extremely low maintenance siding materials.

Yes, they can. Creative designers often use metal roofing materials to create attractive contemporary siding designs.

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